Traditionally in a soccer game, such as FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer, the kicking force is

     handled by holding the kick/pass buttons and its force is controlled by holding that button

     for certain amount of time. However, the player may not be able to make the shot consistently

     accurate since the timing is rather hard to control, although experienced players can minimize

     the error. Venom-P turns the control from player’s hand to his foot, it frees player's hand from 

     holding and generates timed button signal to console according to the foot pedal angle.

 From ergonomics point of view, muscle positioning can be much more accurate and natural than the estimation based timing, especially it could be  

 much better on variable period of time control. Remembering foot pedal angle could be much easier and consistent than keep holding button either,

 that’s the benefit that the Venom-P can improve ball passing and kicking performance, player then is able to focus on the next action after a

 quick press without the need to focus on timing. Venom-P digitalizes the kicking force power bar into percentage, the player could then do the  

 kick qualitatively.

    There are an extra USB port on Venom-P allow user to join his own keyboard into the game play.

    This is very important feature that meet the need of many players who favorites keyboard playing. 


     Venom-P comes with a LCD display, the display tells how much kicking force will be sent to

     game host by a power percentage meter and a power bar. The display can be used for training, as well

     as real-time monitoring of the pedal position during the game play.

     Kicking and passing ball direction is critical for high level player. To calibrate user's controller stick and

    train him to make accurate ball kick and pass, The Left stick compass on LCD display shows the direction

    stick turning direction.




 The display LCD is powered by two AA batteries or USB power supply, user can connect a 5V USB cell phone charger for long time playing. 











Venom-P supports all the 5 most popular game platforms - PS3, PS4, XBox360, XBoxOne and PC, user could play with it on all the major gaming hosts. 

This below is the list of Venom-P supported system:












Tuact pre-stored 3 most popular soccer game profiles to each platform at factory, it is not necessary to setup Venom-P when open the box until

the new game is released. Tuact will add new profile when new game is released, play can use the Setup software to download and save it to

the pedal. The Setup software can be found on our website on the Download page.

Venom-P has the ability to upgrade firmware, Tuact will upgrade firmware to add more features from time to time.  

The Setup software is also used for firmware upgrade.



Features list:

- Bypass controller signal and generate kicking timing signal to game host.

- Wireless LCD displays the force by a power percentage meter and a power bar

- 100Hz LCD display re-fresh rate  

- Moving direction compass

- Combination of game pad and keyboard

- 5 gaming platform supported - PS4.PS3, Xbox360, Xbox One and PC

- Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 and Win10 supported

- On PC platform, there are two mode to play: Keyboard mode or joystick mode

- 6 programmable game profile selectable on the fly on each platform.

- Ability to use player's own keyboard

- Customizable keyboard mapping 

- Firmware of both pedal and LCD display are upgradeable

- Green Setup software, no need to install it.


 Important note:

 Venom-P requires user's game controller working on its wired mode, thus the game controller has to connect the USB cable all the time.

Unfortunately, the original controller's Micro-USB port is too weak to keep solid data connection, the data connection may not be stable in

game when it moves lot. 

 Tuact has made the "Cable Holder package" for PS4 and Xbox One player, it hold the cable on controller USB port firmly so that user would

 not be worry about the cable connection lose or replacing cable anymore. Check the product page for more details.



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