Cable holder


Many gamers have experienced the USB cable plug loose when play PC games with a wired Dualshock4 or Xbox One controller, the USB data disconnection would

happen eventually sooner or later,  user would have to keep buying new cables. On all platforms, when Tuact user play with Venom-X or Venom-P,

data disconnection problem would happen too. The reason of this issue is due to both the Dualshock4 and XBoxOne controller USB port are micro-USB

which is not strong enough to hold the cable tightly while it is swinging and shaking in gameplay. As the micro-USB cable is originally designed for small

size so it is only suitable for on-table connectingbut not for hand held playing, thus, the disconnection problem would not be avoided.


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Tuact Corp has released the PS4 and XBoxOne controller Holder, it can hold the USB cable on controller firmly that user would not need to worry about

cable loose anymore. The two pieces of the cable holder clip together to hold the cable as showing above.

Step 4. Clip the rear hook of the bottom piece onto top piece.





        Click to watch the installation video


Step 4. Snap and hook the top piece onto the bottom piece





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